Brush Knee and Side Step

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Sequence 7: Brush Knee and Side Step

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23. Monkey Stance

(Hou Shih)
Transfer your weight on to your left leg, and bend your left knee whilst you draw back your right foot. When you cannot draw it back any further and the foot stops moving, lift your right toes but ensure that your right heel is in contact with the floor. At the same time, open your right hand and make an inverted figure V movement with your hand, starting at the bottom. When you get to the top of the V drop your hand down towards your right knee. You will have to bend slightly forward, but try to keep your back as straight as you can, without any strain or tension. Your left hand, whilst remaining stationary, will dip slightly with the bend of your body.

Tcform 24.jpg
24. Leopard Stance

(Pao Shih)
Start to transfer your weight, very slowly, on to your right leg, and as you do so, slowly turn your body ninety degrees to your left (South). Your right foot, pivoting on its heel, should naturally follow the turn of your body. When your body has stopped moving drop your right toes down on to the floor, and adjust the angle of your left foot with a heel and toe movement. At this point all your weight should be on your right leg. Rotate both hands in front of the body, with the right hand making the bigger circle. The rotation should be downwards then upwards, until both hands reach a point above and beyond your right shoulder. The palms of both hands should face upwards, and the fingers should be pointing to the right (West). Now turn your head so that it looks to the left (East).

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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