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Sequence 14: Brush Knee and Side Step

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45. Monkey Stance

(Hon Shih)
Move your weight back on to your right leg and bend the knee a little more deeply than normal. Slide your left foot back a short distance, then raise your left toes, keeping the heel on the floor. Now turn your hands so that both palms face each other, then bend your left arm so that your left hand comes in front of your left breast. Allow your right hand to drop straight down to about the level of your left knee.

Tcform 046.jpg
46. Leopard Stance

(Pao Shih)

Turn ninety degrees to your right (South), and move your left foot forward and outward so that it is level with your right foot. Now place your weight on to your left leg and bend the knee. Rotate your wrists so that both palms face upwards, and sweep both arms upward and outward at shoulder level until the left arm is pointing directly to the left (East), and your right arm, in front of your shoulder, is pointing directly forward (South).

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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