Flexing of the Single Whip

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Sequence 22: Flexing of the Single Whip

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70. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Put your left foot firmly on the floor and pivot 180 degrees to the right. Correct the angle of your left foot, then step forward one pace with your right foot, bending your right knee and straightening your left leg. At the same time swing your arms with the motion of your body, and move your right hand outwards and forwards so that it becomes fully extended with the right palm facing forwards so that it becomes fully extended with the right palm facing forward, on a level with your right shoulder. The left wrist rotates so the left palm goes upward then turns over so it faces down, and the hand sweeps to a point by the inside of the right elbow.

Tcform 071.jpg
71. Cat Stance

(Mao Shih)
Keeping your weight on your right leg, pivot on your right heel as you turn 180 degrees to your left, until you once again face East. Slide your left foot back, and when it becomes stationary raise the left heel but keep your left toes on the floor. Bend your left arm upwards so the hand moves with the flow of the body until it arrives in front of your left shoulder with the fingers pointing to the ceiling and the palm facing forward. At the same time the right hand swings round in a half circular action until it reaches a point just in front of your left waist. The back of the hand faces outward and your fingers should point directly to your left (North).

Tcform 072.jpg
72. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Take a pace forward with your left foot and bend your left knee. Transfer your weight on to your left leg and straighten your right leg. Extend your left arm forward and rotate your left wrist until your palm faces upward; at the same time rotate your right wrist so that your right palm also faces the ceiling. Your right hand will move slightly away from your body.


The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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