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The Lee Family

The history of the Taoist arts within the Lee family goes back well over 3,000 years. At that time, the family lived in the town of Wei Hei Wei, a fishing port approximately 200 miles from Beijing. The Lee family practised the Taoist arts continuously, but no one knows how they originally came into the family possession. Not only did they possess these priceless arts, they also managed to hand them down from generation to generation for all these years.

To keep the arts so complete and in their original state was no mean feat and it means that all the members of the family had to have very deep and sincere dedication throughout the ages. History alone will tell us how hard the study of all these arts was. This applies especially to the art of Ti Yu (physical culture), which in its original state was extremely hard and rigid, although with changes in attitude and understanding it eventually softened into a very gentle form of calisthenics.[1]

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