Repulse the Monkey

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Sequence 8: Repulse the Monkey

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25. Cat Stance

(Mao Shih)
Turn your body ninety degrees to your left (East), pulling back your left foot, and when the foot stops moving raise your heel but keep your toes in contact with the floor. During this movement you will have to adjust the angle of your right foot by lifting your right toes and pivoting on the heel. Let your amis swing in the same direction as your body and keep both hands open. Now bend your left arm so that your fingers point upwards towards the ceiling, and your left thumb is close to the front of your left shoulder. Swing your right arm round in a big arc with the turn of the body, so that your right forearm is on a level with your waist, and your right thumb is under your left elbow, with your left fingers pointing directly to your left (North).

Tcform 26.jpg
26. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Step forward one pace with your left foot, and transfer 80% of your weight on to your left leg, bending your left knee. At the same time turn your right palm uppermost and gently swing your right hand out to your right, then circle it back to a position just in front of your right shoulder, turning the palm of the hand so that it faces forward. Now gently push your hand forward on a line with your shoulder, until your arm is straight. Your left hand should move very slowly from in front of the left shoulder to a position inside the right elbow.

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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