The Edge of the Cyclone

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Sequence 15: The Edge of the Cyclone

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Tcform 047.jpg
47. Monkey Stance

(Hou Shih)
Your right foot should step back on a diagonal line to a position to the rear of your left foot, and immediately it touches the floor put your body weight on to it and bend your right knee. Lift your left toes, but keep the left heel on the floor. As you begin to move your right foot, swing both arms upward then inwards towards your head, then very slightly downwards so that both arms cross in front of and above your forehead, with the left arm in front of your right arm. Both palms should face forward (South).

Tcform 048.jpg
48. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Step forward with your right foot, bending your right knee. Place your body weight on to your right leg, and straighten your left leg. As you step forward, let your arms drop all the way down in front of you, then let them circle outwards and upwards, then downwards again until they reach a position just above your right knee and about the width of your thighs apart. The fingers of both hands should point towards each other, and both palms should be facing the floor.

Tcform 049.jpg
49. Cat Stance

(Mao Shih)
Move your weight on to your left leg, and slide your right foot back so that the toes are in contact with the floor and the heel is raised. Move your left hand back until it is alongside your left thigh, with the palm facing the floor and the fingers pointing outwards. Slowly swing your right hand in an arc towards your left arm, so that it arrives on a level with your left elbow.

Tcform 050.jpg
50. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Move your right foot forward again, placing your weight on to it and bending your right knee, and at the same time straightening your left leg. In harmony with your leg movement, clench your hands into fists, and stretch your arms forward until they are on a level with your shoulders.

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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