The Tail of the Peacock

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Sequence 13: The Tail of the Peacock

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41. Cat Stance

(Mao Shih)
Keeping your weight on your right leg, pivot on your right heel as you turn 180 degrees to your left, so that you now face East. Move your left foot with the turn of your body so that it arrives in a position to the left of your right foot. Now raise your left heel but keep the toes on the floor. As you turn, bend your left arm more and raise it so that your left fist comes in front of your left shoulder, with the front of the fist facing upwards. Your right hand should swing in a large circle with the turn of the body until it arrives underneath your left elbow, with the palm facing your body and the fingers pointing to your left (North).

Tcform 042.jpg
42. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Move your left foot forward a pace, then place your weight on to it as you bend your left knee and straighten your right leg. At the same time, open your left hand, slowly straighten your left arm, and push your left palm directly forward level with your shoulder. While all this is happening, turn your right palm up, and swing your right forearm outwards and upwards, then inwards and downwards, so that you have made a circle. By this time your open right hand should have arrived in the centre of your body just in front of your chest, with the palm facing downward. Now let the hand sink straight down till it arrives in front of the pelvis.

Tcform 043.jpg
43. Monkey Stance

(Hou Shih)
Transfer your weight on to your right leg and bend the knee slightly. Slide your left foot back so that the heel rests on the floor and the toes are raised. Circle both hands and arms forward, upward and then inwards towards your face, so that you are in a high 'on guard' position.

Tcform 044.jpg
44. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Rotate your wrists until your palms face forward, then slowly straighten your arms and gently push forward on a line with the shoulders. At the same time, step forward one pace with your left leg, bend your left knee, and put your weight on to your left foot, meanwhile straightening your right leg.

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

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