Drive the Tiger Away

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Sequence 5: Drive the Tiger Away

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18. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Transfer your weight on to your right leg, and move your left foot forward (South) about one pace, bending the left knee as the foot rests on the floor, and straightening the right leg. As this is executed, let both arms swing downward in front of the body and then start to move outward. At this point, the left arm will swing back over the top of your left knee with the palm facing up, while the right arm continues to swing outward and upward, then over and inward until it has made a complete circle, stopping when the forearm is parallel to the floor and on a level with the shoulders. Let your right hand droop down, and lift the fingers of your left hand. You have now started to wrestle with the tiger's head.

Tcform 19.jpg
19. Duck Stance

(Ya Shih)
With your left foot step back one pace behind your right foot, and as soon as it rests on the floor, bend your left knee and place most of your body weight on to it. Your right foot should remain flat on the floor. As you move your left leg, rotate both arms in circles in a clockwise direction, the left arm going outward, upward and inward until it is parallel to the floor on a level with the shoulders, and the right arm going outward, downward and inward until the palm faces upwards. Let your left hand droop down, and raise the fingers of your right hand. Imagine encircling a big ball in both arms, for you are still having problems with the tiger's head.

Tcform 20.jpg
20. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Step forward and slightly outward with your right foot, and as soon as it rests on the floor, put your weight on to it, bend your right knee, and straighten your left leg. Let your left hand swing down and slightly outward until it is alongside your left thigh, lifting the fingers so that your left palm faces the floor. As your left arm starts to move, you sweep your right arm down in front of your body, then forward and upward in an arc until it reaches shoulder level. The fingers of your right should be tipped slightly to the left, and the right palm should face directly forward.

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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