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Fennel (茴香 huíxiāng, traditional 茴香)

Fennel frond.jpg

Fennel is very easy to grow in the garden and is not only aromatic but also, owing to its yellow flowers, very pretty. In the West, fennel is mainly used to enhance fish dishes, but it can also be used as a constituent of salads. For this, peel and chop a little of the stems, which you should cut before the flowers appear (in autumn). Fennel is a sweet-tasting herb and an excellent tonic; it helps the digestive system, disperses flatulence, breaks up phlegm, helps to get rid of surplus fat, and stimulates milk production in mothers. For those suffering from gastro-enteritis, hernia, severe intestinal pains, liver disorders or jaundice, it is a must.

Fennel tea, 茴香茶 huíxiāng chá)

Use a quarter of an ounce of fennel seeds to one pint of boiling water, and sip during the day.



The Tao of Long Life - The Chinese Art of Ch'ang Ming

by Chee Soo

©Seahorse Books 2008 reproduced with permission