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Ginseng 人参 rénshēn, traditional 人參


A complete book could be written about this herb, which has been used in China for well over 5,000 years, and a number of mythological tales have been built around it and its healing qualities, which are manifold. It can cure or relieve very many complaints.

As a pep to the energy level of the body it is excellent, and it will revitalise the mentally tired and the physically run down. It will eradicate the effects of a hangover after a good night out, will soothe an inflamed stomach, and will overcome digestive upsets, including flatulence and heartburn. It is a wonderful tranquilliser, relieving nervous disorders, depression, fainting, drowsiness, and headaches, and quickly cures respiratory conditions such as coughs, asthma and sinus trouble. When mixed with comfrey it will stop the most obstinate internal bleeding through the mouth, nose or anus.

Ginseng tea (人参茶 rénshēn chá, traditional 人參茶)

Add one ounce of ginseng to two cups of water, and boil until about the quantity of one cupful. This is the dosage for stomach upsets and nervous complaints. If possible, should be taken morning, noon and night.

Ginseng nuts (人参核 rénshēn hé, traditional 人參核)

Take an ounce of ginseng powder, mix it with a little honey, and roll into balls about the size of the nail of the little finger. Place one of them under the tongue of the mouth. When it has completely dissolved replace with another. This will stop coughs very quickly, and will also help to dissolve any excess phlegm in the throat.

Ginseng milk (人参奶 rénshēn nǎi, traditional 人參奶)

Boil one ounce of ginseng in a cup and a half of water until it reduces to about three-quarters of a cupful; then mix with two cups of rice milk. Honey can be added if desired. Ginseng milk is very good for old people whose energy is failing or who are feeling very weak; and it is excellent for frail children and people with a weak sexual drive. It is also a great help in the fight against cancer, and will help accelerate the cure of it

Ginseng essence (人参精 rénshēn jīng, traditional 人參精)

Boil one ounce of ginseng in one cup of water until only the sediment is left. Store in an air-tight glass or earthenware container until required. This essence can be added to soups, medications and flour, for added goodness.

Ginseng and orange peel (人参陈皮 rénshēn chénpí, traditional 人參陳皮).

Mix equal parts of ginseng and dried, powdered orange peel in a little hot water. After the mixture has cooled slightly, add an ample amount of honey. Drink this just before going to bed, in order to counteract insomnia and restlessness.



The Tao of Long Life - The Chinese Art of Ch'ang Ming

by Chee Soo

©Seahorse Books 2008 reproduced with permission