Grasp the Bird's Tail

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Sequence 6: Grasp the Bird's Tail

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21. Cat Stance

(Mao Shih)
Transfer your body weight on to your left leg, slowly draw back your right foot until it is about eight or twelve inches from your left foot, then raise your right heel keeping your toes in contact with the floor. Move your right arm inwards towards your waist, clenching your right hand into a fist as you do so, and bring it to a position alongside the left side of your waist. Lift your left hand, bending your left elbow, until it reaches a position just in front of your left shoulder with your left palm facing your left cheek. At this point your right fist should be fitting directly underneath your left elbow, without actually touching it.

Tcform 22.jpg
22. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)
Turn ninety degrees to your right (West), circling your right foot with the turn of your body. Now step one pace forward, transferring your weight on to your right leg, and bend the right knee. As soon as your weight has been adjusted, correct the angle of your left foot by pivoting on your left heel as you move your toes, then straighten your left leg. Whilst you are turning, let your arms move in the same arc, but gradually straighten your right arm and lift it slightly, so that it arrives over the top of your right leg at shoulder level. Following the same arc, your left hand will slowly move from a position in front of your left shoulder to a point just inside your right elbow and directly in front of your right breast.

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The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

by Chee Soo

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