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Ladies—This is for You

As soon as she starts to menstruate, there is one question that every woman should ask herself: am I Yin or am I Yang? At that age she is not really old enough fully to appreciate what this means, and so it is up to her parents to let her know, as well as explain to her the workings of her body. If your own parents did not understand the Yin and Yang principles, you can at least ensure that any daughter of yours is properly informed.

Are you Yin?

Menstruation is a thing a woman tolerates because it will happen to her whether she likes it or not, and generally it is something she wishes that she had never been born to. What she goes through is, though, entirely in her own hands, for, if she suffers terrible pains, cramps, bad discharge, tumours, cysts, irregular periods and even frigidity, it is usually only because she does not realise that she can easily alter things for the better. First of all, she should check a few facts concerning herself. She will probably find that she menstruates either at the time of the new moon (Yang) or between the new moon and the full moon (Yin). She may also find that she has irregular and sometimes long periods, generally at intervals of thirty to thirty-five days, that leave her very weak and listless. At times she will get excessive flow, coupled with abdominal pains and menstruation cramps, which are caused by bad eating habits, which lead to poor circulation (a sign of which is cold feet), which leads to congestion in the veins. At times there may also be a strong odour, which she may try to hide by the use of more powder, perfume and body sprays. She may even find that she becomes frigid after a while, as a result of internal contraction. To make things easier for herself at this awkward time, she should not wash her head and she should not have any cold baths or showers. A quick hot bath is all she needs, and it will do wonders to tone up the system generally. Discharge. If vaginal discharge is quite heavy at times, this is entirely owing to excess fat deposits inside the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, and even in and around the ovary. The colour of the discharge may vary and be either white, yellow or green; this is an important indicator of the internal health and should be watched most carefully. A white discharge is a sign of too much fat. This is generally quite harmless, but if the excess persists over a long period a soft cyst may develop. This normally points to too much meat, sugar, tropical fruit, and dairy produce. The birth pill, if taken, will make the cyst more prominent and speed up its growth, and may cause many more cysts to appear. A yellow discharge is a worse sign, for it shows that there is an excess of fat inside the sexual organs and that the fat is turning rancid, as toxins and acids are produced. This is a clear warning that cysts could form if nothing is done to prevent it, and that the vagina is contracting sharply. This contraction is likely to be accompanied by spasms or stomach cramps. A sign of a very severe contraction is thatt after intercourse the man may find it difficult to withdraw. Such contraction can cause such a strain on the muscular system that the tissues lose their elasticity and their strength to hold and supporrt, and internally everything becomes very loose, perhaps heading to the collapse of the uterus. A colour of which to be especially wary about, is green. If the discharge is this colour for a long period of time, tthere is no doubt whatsoever that cancer could develop, unless something is done about it quickly. All three colours indicate stages of Yin. If you want to do something about the trouble before it turns into something more serious, then start on the Ch'an Ming diet straight away, and the use of sesame-seed salt or soya sauce with your meals. Compresses (especially ginger compress) are very useful for stimulating the circulation, breaking up fat deposits and dispersing cysts. For these purposes they should be used daily. Also very helpful are regular hip baths; and it is wise to douche regularly.

===Pregnancy.=== All mothers will know of the various little changes that go on in their lives when they become pregnant. Menstruation ceases, somtiems there is irritability and restlessness, the taste-buds change and there is a yearning for foods out of season. The breasts start to become bigger and the nipples tender to the touch. Morning sickness at this time is a Yin characteristic. Bleeding during pregnancy is an indication that the blood capillaries in the uterus and the womb have become swollen by too much liquid and fruit and have exploded; it is a sure sign that the tissues are weak throughout your entire body, for if they were truly healthy they would be able to expand and contract without breaking. Weakness of the tissues is Yin and will be passed on to the baby in the womb. Miscarriages and premature feelings that the mother expeirences during her pregnancy will be passed on to the child, whether they be laziness, irritability and aggressiveness or peace, tranquility and happiness. It is in the mother's own hands to ensure for herself a happy and healthy child, by ensuring that she is happy and healthy too. Further Yin signs are long, agonising labour pains, caused by muscular contraction, and a long delicery time (four to six hours) and painful birth. Breech births (where the geet come out first) and Caesarean operations (cutting through the walls of the abdomen to aid the delivery) are very, very Yin. What an enormous responsibility parents have for the future health of their unborn children! This applied not only to the mother but also to the father, for if he drinks alcohol or takes drugs, this can affect the sperm and can radically affect the child during ovulation. If he loses his temper and upsets the mother while she is carrying, this too can have a detrimental effect on the unborn child.

Are you Yang?

If you menstruate at the time of the full moon then you are Yang and your periods will follow a regular cycle of twenty-eight days. You will also find that your flow will only last about three days, in which case the body will spend the next two days repairing itself. The loss of blood, and thus of energy will be much smaller than with Yin menstruation. The flow should be quite light and thin and there should be no clots and, thus, no pain. If however, the blood is very this or it is only twenty-four days between menstruations, then you are far too Yang, so cut down a little on the amount of Yang foods that you are consuming, and also reduce slightly your intake of food. There should be no colour at all in your discharge, which should look like a thin transparent film of mucus, and there should be no smell or odour either.

===Pregnancy.=== It takes about two and a half years to grow one layer of skin tissue, so if you want your blood and skin to be really healthy and to be able to have a baby completely naturally, with ail the goodness within it that only nature can give, then start preparing for pregnancy at least three years in advance. When you know that you are pregnant, make sure that your diet is absolutely in accordance with the guidelines of Ch'ang Ming, and don't break one single rule during the time that you are carrying. Also ensure that you have a quiet, restful, tranquil and happy time during the period that your baby is inside your womb, for love breeds love, and your baby will grow according to your own shadow. You will find that you will have a very easy time during your pregnancy—no morning sickness, no unnecessary yearnings, no bleeding and hardly any inconvenience—and for most of the time you will feel so good that until the last few months you will scarcely notice that you are carrying. You will find that you carry your baby for the full nine months and part of the tenth month; so your baby will get the maximum benefit that you can pass on to it. Ideally there should be no sexual intercourse at all during the time that the baby is being carried, but if there is mutual consent then it may occasionally be possible between the fifth and seventh months. The man, however, should be very careful and very gentle, and should not lie on top. For the average Westerner the labour period lasts between eleven and sixteen hours, but for those on Ch'ang Ming it is eight to ten hours at the most, and when the time comes for delivery it is found to be painless and free of difficulties and lasting less than two hours (for those not on a Ch'ang Ming diet it usually lasts four hours or more). The head will be ready to come out first when the right time comes. The baby born of Ch'ang Ming parents will generally weigh about six pounds, which is complete goodness in a small package; the baby born to Yin parents, by contrast, will weigh rather more, the excess being made up of surplus fluids and toxins. Because of the extra weight of the Yin baby, the Yin mother (whose natural tendency is towards contraction) will find giving birth particularly difficult.

====Warning.==== All prospective mothers should bear in mind the terrible lesson of the thalidomide tragedy; never use any drugs or medication, even if you have to have your baby in hospital. Make sure that you stress to the hospital authorities your wishes in this respect, and also make sure that only your own milk is given to your baby. This is very important, for in the first two or three days only colostrum comes out of your breasts, and this transparent, very Yang fluid will not only help your baby to become more Yang but also immunise your baby and enable it to fight off bacteria and many diseases. So give your baby a good start right from the very beginning, and remember that if you take any drugs they will be fed to your baby through your milk, so weakening, instead of strengthening, its health, and upsetting its ability to fight off infection. Even though you are very strict with your diet and your baby is truly healthy, there is one disease that it will catch, and must catch, if it is really going to be fully Yang, and that is measles. This is one illness that is absolutely necessary for the child's expansion and physical growth, so the sooner it can contract it the better it is in helping the Yang influence to take over, If your child should suffer any skin complaint or mumps, then it is Yin, for if it is truly healthy it will not catch these complaints at all.

Abdominal cramps are caused through over-consumption of Yin foods and fluids, which lead to congestion of the veins (this may also affect the legs, as a lot of women know already). Compresses will help relieve the condition and will also help to dissolve cysts. Use them whenever you can, and you will find that you receive great benefit from their use. The most effective compress of all is the ginger compress, but if you have no ginger an onion compress is good, or failing that a cabbage compress, or failing that a salt-water compress. Since ginger is best, and penetrates deeply, it is worth buying some as soon as you can if you have none already.

===Hip baths. (Tat'ui Hsitsao)==== have many excellent uses and can relieve many complaints, especially those to which women are prone. They are recommended as treatment for congestions, dysentry, poor circulation, irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps and pains, internal inflammations, leucorrhoea, and surplus fat around the mid-riff. They also stimulate the ovary and counterbalance the Yin contraction of the pituitary gland. Water is very Yin, and because of this a hip bath (in which the top half of the body stays out of the water) is not so weakening as a full immersion. Furthermore, you have a Yang heat influence working on a Yin illness. To gain the maximum benefit from a hip bath, make sure that the water in the bath comes up no further than the navel, keep the water hot by adding a little extra hot water from time to time, wrap an old towel round your shoulders to help you to perspire more freely, and ensure that you sit in the bath for at least half an hour at a time. Don't catch cold afterwards, but keep yourself well wrapped up—better still, go straight to bed after you have dried yourself. If you take a hip bath every night for two weeks, you will be surprised how much your health benefits. The following are the best types of hip bath:

  1. ginger hip bath (Chiang Tat'ui Hsitsao),
  2. radish-salt hip bath (Luopo Hsien Tat'ui Hsitsao),
  3. salt hip bath (Hsien Tat'ui Hsitsao),
  4. eucalyptus hip bath (Anshu Tat'ui Hsitsao),
  5. motherwort hip bath (Imu Ts'ao Tat'ui Hsitsao).


There are many very fine herb teas (Ts'ao Ch'a) suitable for treating the illnesses that Yin complaints cause in the Western woman, and it is certainly worth trying some. At first you may find that certain ones are not entirely to your taste, but give yourself time to get used to them, and if you like, add a little honey, soya sauce, cinnamon, clove or licorice as extra flavouring. The following are the teas most suitable for the complaints in question (which, if you keep to a strict Ch'ang Ming diet, will not trouble you anyway).

  1. Sage (Tan Shen). Helps to promote regular menstruation, eases abdominal pain and invigorates the blood.
  2. Hawthorn (Shan Cha). The roots and fruits are used to combat menstruation cramps, and to stop diarrhoea and dysentry.
  3. Fennel (Hui Hsiang). Stimulates milk production.
  4. Mugwort (Ai Yen). Effective in treating irregular menstruation. Disperses abdominal cramps and restores energy.
  5. Dates (Ts'ao). Helps to combat fatigue and low energy levels.
  6. Licorice (Kants'ao). Effective in treating irregular menstruation.
  7. China Tea (Chungkuo Ch'a). Good for the circulation.
  8. Cinnamon (Kuei Chih). Good for abdominal cramps.