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Seahorse Arts Mediawiki project
An Online Resource Base of articles about the Taoist Arts written by Chee Soo

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Seahorse Arts Mediawiki

The Seahorse Arts Mediawiki is a reading resource for students training in the Lee style Taoist Arts. It is a collection of articles written by Chee Soo taken from over sixty years as a student and teacher dedicated to researching the philosophy of Taoism and it's practical application.

The main categories are:

Featured Image
Chee soo summer course 1990.jpg Sticky Hands in Frog Stance

Chee Soo and students at the T'ai Chi Summer Course, Alderman Callow school, Coventry, July 1990.

(read more from Chee Soo's biography...)

Taoist Arts of the Lee Style
Featured article

The Golden Principles (Chin Tao Li) of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

  • Keep your body erect without stiffness.
  • Everything about you should be completely relaxed, especially the mind.
  • Maintain the heel and toe principles for all foot movements.
  • Co-ordinate the movements of the upper and lower halves of the body.
  • Harmonize the internal and external physical aspects of the body.
  • Ensure that there is a continuity of movement at all times, and that all movements follow a curve or circular form. Movements are never straight lines in T'ai Chi.


Recently added articles

Course related material

The Path of K'ai Men

Taoist yoga has long been known as the "Open Door" (K'ai Men 开门 pinyin: Kāimén ), although at various times in its long history it has also been referred to as Ho Ping 合并 pinyin: Hébìng ("Unity") and Ho Hsieh 和谐 pinyin: Héxié ("Harmony"). K'ai Men is the most appropriate name, however, as it expresses the idea that Taoist yoga is the doorway to all the channels of the mind, the spirit and the body. All these, while retaining their separate identity, are as one, so reflecting the balance of Yin and Yang and the Dual Monism of all in the universe. (more...)

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