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Welcome to the Seahorse Arts Mediawiki project
An Online Resource Base of articles about the Taoist Arts written by Chee Soo

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Chee Soo practising T'ai Chi Chien

T'ai Chi Chien

T'ai Chi Sword makes full use of the combined techniques of Whirling Hands and Whirling Arms, but these are made more difficult by the weight and length of the sword. Greater mental concentration is required to retain complete control of the arms, wrists and hands, while maintaining perfect balance, especially in a few sequences where the whole body makes a complete whirl to demonstrate the 'order of the universe'. These techniques are not easy, but nothing is really easy in the full art of T'ai Chi, because there is so much to remember and so many movements have to be practised in order to understand the essence of energy and force, and expand self-awareness and mental control.

Seahorse Arts Mediawiki

The Seahorse Arts Mediawiki is an Online Resource Base for students training in the Lee style Taoist Arts. It consists of a collection of articles written by Chee Soo taken from over sixty years as a student and teacher dedicated to researching the philosophy of Taoism and it's practical application. The main categories include Taoist philosophy, Chinese Medicine in theory and practise, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, K'ai Men or Taoist chi gung, Tao Yin or breathing exercises, Feng Shou kung fu, and the many and various techniques of cultivation of the natural internal energy of the body the Chinese know as Chi. There is also an extensive body of knowledge surrounding the subject of Chinese Medicine including diagnosis and the application of the Taoist Health Arts such as Anmo Taoist massage, Tien Chen acupressure, Ts'ao Yao herbal remedies, Ch'ang Ming or Taoist macrobiotics and dietary therapy, thermogenesis, and Taoist alchemy with extensive and detailed information both from a historical perspective and as it is applied today.

Taoist Arts of the Lee Style

The Taoist Art of K'ai Men

by Chee Soo

Copyright ©Seahorse Books 2006 (reproduced with permission)


The Taoist Art of Feng Shou Hand of the Wind kung fu

by Chee Soo

Copyright ©Seahorse Books 2006 reproduced with permission


The Tao of Long Life - The Chinese Art of Ch'ang Ming

by Chee Soo

©Seahorse Books 2008 reproduced with permission


Taoist Ways of Healing - The Chinese Art of Pa Chin Hsien

by Chee Soo

Copyright ©Seahorse Books 2012 reproduced with permission


The Tao of My Thoughts by Chee Soo

Copyright ©Seahorse Books 2008 (reproduced with permission)

The Seahorse mediawiki project draws extensively from these works to bring you a detailed and comprehensive exploration of the Taoist Art in the words of Chee Soo.

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Traditional Diagnosis

The Five Elements

As the Five Elements are linked to the Yin and Yang, and these in turn are governed by the Tao, it is understandable that curing illness is also linked to the Five Elements. These cures are:

Fire Spiritual cure
Wood Ch'ang Ming
Earth Herbal therapy
Metal Acupuncture
Water Thermogenesis

The Spiritual Cure

The spiritual cure comes about by altering your eating and drinking habits so that you become closer to nature, and thereby closer to your own Tao and the Supreme Spirit. In addition, it means becoming more understanding, more conscious, and more aware of the work of the Supreme Spirit that goes on around you, and learning to conform to the infinite laws that he has laid down. It means dedicating your life to helping others along the pathway of their lives, and in turn trying to make them understand as well. It also means that you should say your prayers in thanks for everything that is bestowed upon you, the food that you eat, the clothing that you wear, the car that you own, and every time you safely cross the road, or find a parking space. It is not luck that brings you home safely every evening, but the gift of the Supreme Spirit, so say 'thank you' a hundred times a day for all the gifts you receive.

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