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Parsley (鄉蔡 Hsiang Ts'ai)

Parsley tends these days to be relegated to a decoration for food, when really it contains more goodness than a lot of the food that it is used to decorate. It is very rich in Vitamin A, has more Vitamin C than oranges, and greatly stimulates the bladder and the kidneys, so helping to dispel stones and gravel and cure disorders of these organs. In China it used to counteract malaria, jaundice and dropsy. The whole of the plant is used, but in the West it is mainly the leaves and seeds that are used.

Parsley tea (Hsiang Ts'ai Ch'a) Add half a cup of firmly packed parsley leaves, or leaves and stems, to one pint of boiling water and allow to soak for fifteen minutes. Strain and bottle in an air-tight container, and cool quickly. Have a wine glassful daily and add a drop of soya sauce to each.