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{{TOLL}}Taoist Ways of Healing page 149
{{TWOH}}Taoist Ways of Healing page 149
[[Category:Chinese Medicine]]
[[Category:Chinese Medicine]]

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Pearl Barley (薏仁 Yìrén)

Pleasant to the palate, it strengthens the spleen, helps relieve rheumatoid arthritis, combats diarrhoea, lung abscesses, lobar pneumonia and appendicitis, and, because it has a tendency to convert moisture within the body, is a great help to all those who have difficulty in urination.

Pearl Barley

Pearl Barley Tea (薏仁茶 Yìrén chá)

Dosage (Fu). Mix a quarter-ounce of pearl barley with two cups of water; boil until half the liquid remains; drain off the sediment; and drink morning and evening. Soya sauce can be added to give more flavour.



Taoist Ways of Healing - The Chinese Art of Pa Chin Hsien

by Chee Soo

Copyright ©Seahorse Books 2012 reproduced with permission

Taoist Ways of Healing page 149