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Seahorse Books is the publisher of Chee Soo's books and holds the copyright for all his written works. The editor for the series 'Taoist Arts of the Lee Style' is Chris Simpson.

After Chee Soo's death in 1994 the copyright for Chee Soo's books was still held by HarperCollins who had taken over Thorsons in the 1990's.

By 2000 students of the Taoist Cultural Arts Association were asking about the possibility of obtaining copies of Chee's books considering the invaluable wealth of knowledge and information contained therein.

We asked Marilyn if she had any plans regarding publication, she said that no one had approached her on this matter. We decided that it was time for a new reprint and we asked her permission to do so, which she kindly granted. We contacted the publisher about the copyright status of the books and they agreed that because they had no plans to reprint the books that the copyright should revert back to the author, in this case it meant his next of kin - Marilyn Soo. Once the copyright was in Marilyn's name we acquired the exclusive copyright license and the first new copies of Chee Soo's T'ai Chi book became available in 2003.

Following the success of the initial publication we decided to go ahead and publish the rest of the books and the K'ai Men and Feng Shou book followed in 2006. The Tao of Long Life became available in 2008 and plans were in the pipeline to bring out the Taoist Ways of Healing when a strange thing occurred. We were visiting Marilyn one day and I went out of the room to make a fresh cup of tea, on my return a strange manuscript has materialised on the arm of the sofa. To my complete surprise and in actual fact shock I discovered a new book which had never before seen the light of day, complete with hand drawn illustrations in Chinese ink, this was The Tao of My Thoughts. On 21st December 1976 Chee had a series of revelations which he then noted down whenever opportunities arose over the next eight years. Marilyn said that this book was now mine to do with as I wished. I put the manuscript into a jiffy bag I found in the back of my car to keep it safe and to my surprise when I got it home I noticed that the bag had a label on the front from the printer who had originally printed Chee's books, furthermore they were based in Ebbw Vale in Wales where Chee had lived with Marilyn after moving from Coventry. I decided that this was a good sign that the book should be made available for anyone who wished to read it. We immediately went about making the new work suitable for publication and before long a hardback version was available for our students to read.

This new addition makes a fascinating addition to any of the students of the Taoist Arts of the Lee style who wish to further their studies of Taoist philosophy.

We have recently published The Taoist Ways of Healing and now a second reprint of The Chinese Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan including an ebook version. We are currently working on producing E-books of Chee Soo's complete works including foreign language editions.