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Sesame Seeds(芝麻籽 zhīma zǐ)

These little seeds contain an abundance of protein and minerals, including an ample supply of calcium, which, combined with their natural unsaturated oil, makes them an excellent food and one that is easily assimilated by the body. They are an excellent tonic for the liver and kidneys, and the oil is good for the organs of the body. They are used to combat constipation and skin complaints and to strengthen the nerves and heart muscles, and the oil helps supply the body with oxygen, which is essential in preventing cancer.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seed Tea (芝麻查 zhīmachā, traditional 芝麻查)

Mix quarter-ounce of sesame seeds with two cupfuls of water and boil until only half the liquid remains; strain off the sediment and drink the fluid. Take before meals (three times daily).

Sesame Seed Saute (jiān zhīma, traditional)

Warm a dry pan over a low flame; add your sesame seeds and continually stir them as they fry in their own oil. Once they are crisp, allow to cool and then store in an air-tight container. These seeds can be eaten at any time, and it is a good idea to carry some with you, to chew now and then; but make sure that you chew them really well.

Sesame Seed salt (芝麻 zhīma yán, traditional)

Heat sesame seeds and then crush them gently in a mortar with a pestle; add sea salt (one part to five parts sesame seeds) and reheat; then crush until a coarse powder. Store in an air-tight container, and use as a condiment. (Most health shops now sell sesame-seed salt ready made.)

Sesame Seed and Ginger (芝麻酱 zhīma jiang, traditional 芝麻酱)

Mix one teaspoonful of sesame-seed oil with one teaspoonful of ginger juice or essence; warm only slightly; then apply to the scalp to combat dandruff and loss of hair.

Sesame Seed Oil (芝麻油 zhīma yǒu, traditional 芝麻油)

Heat some sesame-seeds, then filter the oil through a piece of very fine cotton or muslin. Store in an air-tight glass container and allow to cool. Obtain an eyedropper and apply one drop to each eye just before you fall to sleep. It will sting or smart for the first night or two, but thereafter you will feel nothing. This is excellent for those with weak eyesight, and anyone suffering from any form of eye trouble. It is also very good for those people with good, strong eyes, as it helps the lubrication of the eyes and gives added protection. If you have suffered a cut or abrasion, or have had any skin operation, smear the area thinly with sesame-seed oil, for it is very soothing to inflamed areas, helps the skin to heal much more quickly, and helps to eradicate any scars.

Black sesame seeds (黑芝麻 hēi zhīma,traditional 黑芝麻)

These are excellent for treating liver and kidney malfunctions, head colds, constipation, numbness or paralysis. Follow the same recipes as for ordinary sesame seeds.

Dosage (服 fù). Mix a quarter-ounce of pearl barley with two cups of water; boil until half the liquid remains; drain off the sediment; and drink morning and evening. Soya sauce can be added to give more flavour.


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