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(Sequence 16: Single Whip Unleashed)
(Sequence 16: Single Whip Unleashed)
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|'''52. Dragon Stance'''
|'''52. [[Dragon Stance]]'''
''(Lung Shih) ''<br>
''(Lung Shih) ''<br>

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Sequence 16: Single Whip Unleashed

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51. Duck Stance

(Ya Shih)
Move your weight on to your left leg as you step back one pace to the rear with your right foot, placing your body weight on to it as it touches the floor, and bending your right knee. Meanwhile keep your left foot flat on the floor. Swing your arms downward, back and upwards to the right side of your body until they reach a position to the rear and above the level of your right shoulder. Your right palm should face upwards and your left palm downwards.

Tcform 052.jpg
52. Dragon Stance

(Lung Shih)

Turn ninety degrees to your right (West), and step forward with your left foot. As you do so, circle your right hand downward and in to your left, then keep it circling upwards and forwards to a position in front of your right shoulder. Move your left hand downwards to a point just inside your right elbow.

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