T'ai Chi Dance

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Chee Soo T'ai Chi Dance - Archer position

T'ai Chi Dance is not a dance as most Westerners would imagine it. It is not normally performed to music but it can be. Unlike T'ai Chi Sword which is based on the 'order of the universe' and the phenomena within it, T'ai Chi Dance has its foundations in the Five Elements and Li energy, the general directions of the flow of these, and their respective colours.
Foot, leg and body movements, balance and graceful flow take first priority in T'ai Chi Dance. Concentration on the complete harmony of movement is absolutely essential if the subtlety of the postures and stances are to be achieved correctly.
T'ai Chi Dance is a beautiful tapestry of motion, gentle in its flow, graceful in its execution, and creating an air of complete tranquillity. Motion and stillness are a wonderful balance to each other. There is also a complete 'form' of T'ai Chi Dance, but it is the baby of all the 'forms' that we do, for it is only about 400 years old.