Taoist Arts

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Taoist arts

'The Eight Strands of the Brocade’

Ch’ang Ming — Taoist Long Life Dietary Health Therapy
Ts’ao Yao — Taoist Herbal Therapy
An Mo — Taoist Massage
Tao Yin — Taoist Respiration Therapy
Tien Chen — Taoist Spot Pressing (Acupressure)
Chili Nung — Ch'i, Li, Vibration and Palm Healing
Chen Tuan — Taoist Diagnosis Techniques

The Chinese Cultural Arts

Tai Chi Ch’uan — The Supreme Ultimate
K’ai Men — Taoist Yoga (Chi Kung)
I Fu Shou — Sticky or Adhering Hands
Li Kung — Taoist development of Li energy
Mo Kun — Taoist Wand — external energy control
Mo Hsiang — Taoist Meditation

The Taoist Self-defence Arts

Feng Shou — ‘Hand of the Wind Kung fu, soft and gentle but very fast, and suitable for all age groups.
Chi Shu — Taoist form of Aikido
and all the other forms of the Taoist fighting arts including such weapons as sticks, flails, swords and chopsticks.