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(The Golden Principles (Chin Tao Li) of T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
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#REDIRECT [[Golden Principles (Chin Tao Li) of T'ai Chi Ch'uan]]
== The Golden Principles (Chin Tao Li) of T'ai Chi Ch'uan ==
  Keep your body erect without stiffness.<br>
              Everything about you should be completely relaxed, especially the mind.<br>
              Maintain the heel and toe principles for all foot movements.<br>
              Co-ordinate the movements of the upper and lower halves of the body.<br>
              Harmonize the internal and external physical aspects of the body.<br>
              Ensure that there is a continuity of movement at all times, and that all movements follow a curve or circular form. Movements are never straight lines in T'ai Chi.<br>
              Study the many Taoist breathing exercises.<br>
              Learn to breathe deeply through your lower abdomen, and keep your tongue against the roof of your mouth.<br>
              Extend and let your vitality power flow on all outward movements.<br>
              Recall and relax your vitality power on all inward movements.<br>
              Live the Ch'ang Ming way (Taoist macrobiotics).<br>
              Study the laws of life within the realms of the spiritual path (Tao).<br>
              Study the use and harmonization of the vitality power and macro-cosmic energy, which are the internal and external, physical and spiritual energies.

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