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Potato (土豆 Tǔdòu)


The potato is very commonly cultivated and eaten in the Western world and in very large quantities, but even so, it is not very widely known that this plant has a poisonous constituent which is known as glyco-alkaloid, which has caused many severe illnesses, and in some cases death, in animals and humans. However, the potato, when it is grated and the juice squeezed out, or cut into small pieces, boiled in a small quantity of water, then filtered through a very fine mesh cloth, gives a creamy-coloured water which has beneficial properties. When drunk in small quantities before a meal it helps to combat stomach acidity, and uric acid for those who suffer from arthritis, and also gastric ulcers. If you find it unpalatable in its raw state, a little drop of soya sauce or honey may be added to it, or the potato juice can be added to soup. But only drink this for a period of four to six weeks.



The Tao of Long Life - The Chinese Art of Ch'ang Ming

by Chee Soo

©Seahorse Books 2008 reproduced with permission