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Rue 芸芗 yún xiāng

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This beautiful little shrub is known in many parts of the world and can be bought dried from most health shops. In China the leaves and the roots are used in medication; but in other countries only the leaves or new shoots are used. Though the leaves have a slightly bitter taste and an aromatic smell, a little rue, chopped finely, is a good addition to a salad. Rue contains rutin, which is excellent for the circulation, but it should be taken only in very small doses. Rue also acts as a stimulant and tonic to the uterus, relieves congestion, fights colic and worms, and is considered to be a disinfectant protecting the body from virus infections and the like.

Rue tea 芸香 Yúnxiāng

Add an ounce of rue to a pint of boiling water. Take in doses of a wineglassful every two or three hours,