The Taoist Art of Feng Shou

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The Taoist Art of Feng Shou

A detailed and authoritative guide to the Taoist self defence art of Feng Shou Ch'uan Shu or Hand of the Wind kung fu. Chee Soo was teaching Wu Shu or kung fu when T'ai Chi was banned in China, years before Bruce Lee was heard of in the West. In 1970 he was only one of three men outside Beijing qualified to teach Wushu and had 2000 students in Britain. Hand of the Wind style is based on Taoist philosophy and utilizes the dynamic force of Chi or internal energy instead of brute physical strength making it one of the oldest and most effective self-defence styles in existence.


  1. Wu-Shu — Chinese Martial Arts
  2. The History of Kung Fu
  3. Etiquette
  4. Clothing
  5. Limbering Exercises
  6. Stances
  7. Foot Flow Patterns
  8. Striking Units
  9. Ward-Offs
  10. Roll-Aways
  11. Evasion Exercises
  12. Ch'i Shou — The Adhering Hand
  13. Tu Shou — Poison Hand Form
  14. Wrist Locks
  15. Arm Locks
  16. Arm Control
  17. Press Downs
  18. Break-Outs
  19. Ankle Control
  20. Inner Power

The Taoist Art of Feng Shou Hand of the Wind kung fu

by Chee Soo

Copyright ©Seahorse Books 2006 reproduced with permission